Adaptive Leadership for Young Adults

When: June 17 - 19th, 2016
Arrive: 4:30 pm for registration
Depart: After Lunch June 19th
Cost: $200
For: Young adult leaders over 18

Adaptive Leadership for Young Adults

What does it mean to be a leader? You DO lead, whether you claim it or not. And you lead in an exciting time in society, regardless of context: church, corporate world, or public life. But HOW do you lead in the midst of a rapidly changing and confusing landscape, whose destination is unclear? This workshop/retreat will help you discover some of your gifts for leadership, and introduce the Adaptive Leadership framework, a model of leadership that is poignant and necessary in society today. Geared toward empowering you to lead effectively, and giving you tools for your leadership toolbox, the time together will be experiential, reflective, and fun.

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Mary Kay Mary Kay DuChene B. S., MA.

Creator of the SHAPE program, Mary Kay has a long career in leadership coaching and consulting in the corporate world. Called to devote her work to the church, in 2010 she brought that expertise to clergy through the SHAPE program. Today, in addition to facilitating leadership development experiences, Mary Kay serves clergy and staff teams doing one-to-one and group leadership development, team building, strategic planning, and organizational development consulting. Mary Kay has an MA from Luther Seminary and has served a large Lutheran Church in Minnesota.

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