Make a tangible difference at Cross Roads by adopting a project. The rewards are many: team building, the sense of a task well done, the knowledge that your contribution will live on for years. Some projects require more sweat equity, some require more money, and all require a dedicated team of caring volunteers. These are just a few of the projects that need your group’s loving attention.

Adopt-a-Project Levels

Adopt and hire a contractor Adopt and bring your group Bring your group
Raise the funds and hire a skilled professional to complete the project. These projects require specific skills that may or may not be in your congregations skill set. These projects are designed so that your group can riase funds and then come to Cross Roads and complete the project. These projects may require just one day or multiple to complete. These projects have minimal costs but require more physical labor to complete.

Adopt a project and hire a contractor

Log Cabin Fireplace

This great fireplace in the log cabin needs your help. It needs a new fireplace or can be converted into a wood burning stove. To replace the fireplace it would cost $8,000. To convert it to a wood burning stove it would cost $5,000.

Garage Door Replacement

This would replace one of the garage doors for the shop. One panel is currently damaged but functioning. This would replace the damaged panel and allow for easier access to the middle bay of the shop. It would cost about $2000.

Dining Hall Improvements

The back half of the dining hall is currently not able to be used in the winter due to two reasons. First is the lack of heat and second is there are no windows. To install a heater and windows it will cost $15,300 and provide Cross Roads with a new indoor space that is able to be used during the colder months.

Another project in the Dining Hall is installing new windows in the front half. This will bring down the amount of heat lost through the single pane windows currently installed. This project would cost $6700.

Beisler Center

Two rooms in the Beisler center still need to have the walls painted and flooring put in. As seen in the picture on the right this will freshen up and improve the Beisler Center. The cost for these renovations are $5750.

Adopt a project and do the work

Cabin 9 and 10

This project would entail the re-roofing of Cabins 9 and 10. This would entail ripping off the old shingles, installing roofing paper and then re-shingle the cabins. An estimated cost for this project is $5600 in materials.

Basketball Court

Your group would be weeding around the basketball court. Filling any larger cracks or damage and then seal the basketball court. Once the seal coat is done then painting the basketball court lines on the sealer. The estimate cost of this project is $700

Oakwood Cabins

Oakwood cabins need some refurbishing. This entails a large amount of sanding to remove different graffiti on the bunks and prepping the walls to be sealed. The floors will also be stripped and waxed. The estimated cost for this is approximately $225 for each cabin.

Landscaping around camp

Help make camp even more beautiful. Adopt a building to maintain the landscaping or help with a one time project. There are all types and levels of need from seasonal weeding and mulching to planting new shrubs and plants to help beautify camp. The cost for each varies depending on the building or area. Please contact Cross Roads for more information

Carpetball Tables

What is Carpetball?
Carpetball is a very cool game that uses billiard balls, which you throw by hand, on a special table. The table has one big pocket at each end, and players try to be the first to knock all of their opponents balls into their respective holes.
Carpetball is a fun game that can be played inside or outdoors and would let campers have another option to do during our camp store time. It is a great game to get to know new people.
See the video to the left to see a game of carpetball being played.

Cross Roads has plans to build the tables so they are easily movable and stored for around $200. Two tables would be a great addition to Cross Roads.

9 Square in the Air

A great new game that can be brought to Cross Roads. The game can be purchased as a whole or just the connectors so price can vary. The cost for the whole game is $800 or the connectors can be purchased for $350 and use PVC. Check out the video to the right to see it being played.

Adopt a project and provide the sweat equity

Low ropes fire pits benches

Help us finish sealing and anchoring the natural benches at the low ropes fire pit. Doing this will help the benches last longer and eliminate possibilities of the benches sliding. This is a great project for this spring with your youth or service group.

Pressure washing

Cross Roads has many decks and picnic tables that are out in the elements all year long. By pressure washing them each year we help to keep them clean and maintained. After pressure washing them they are sealed as another layer of protection from the elements.

Repair and replace boards on decks

This is part of ongoing maintenance to help with repairing and replacing any boards on any of the decks that may need it. There are areas that need replacement and other that need a new screw put in. Come up and help camp see and fix any of the decks to keep camp safe for all.

Painting Buildings

Painting is a constant at camp. Buildings can always use a fresh coat of paint to help keep them looking good and protect them from weather. Bring your group up and see how many you can paint.

Mulching areas around Cross Roads

Mulching at Cross Roads is for both safety and for looks. Both our Low and High Ropes course need a new layer of mulch almost yearly. This is to provide a safe surface for the people using the ropes courses. Other areas of camp are cosmetic and it always helps to keep camp looking good and safe.

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