Ask your minister for church or community funds to assist sending your child or family to an outdoor ministry program.  Often there are monies that exist for just this purpose…and they are often provided anonymously!  Your minister is the only person that needs to know you even asked.

Begin to plan how much you can provide toward the total cost of camp.  For example, if you would like a campership, the remaining balance due may be divided by the number of months that will pass BEFORE you attend camp.  You’ll determine that you need to only save a portion due each month.  Make your own special “camp bank” to save your money – have everyone in your family contribute to the cause!  In order for Cross Roads to provide as many outdoor ministry experiences as possible for youth and families, you may apply for one campership per child annually.

Completethe form on the back of this sheet.  Be sure to answer all sections and get your minister’s signature that is required at the bottom of the campership request.  His or her signature only signifies that you have indeed completed Step A above.  Then, mail the form to us (along with a registration form, if you have not already done so).  Once we have received all the completed paperwork, a determination will be made about campership dollars. You will be notified regarding your campership status.

D. Done you are!  See there……….easy as A-B-C-D!
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