Youth Camp

Cross Roads provides an amazing opportunity for people of all ages to have a classic camp experience in a safe and supportive environment. Children encounter God in nature, in worship, and in relationships during youth camp. Cross Roads certified staff members provide a save and loving space for each camper. Every week at camp children receive:
  • Healthy, homemade, delicious food
  • Weeklong experiential and active programming
  • Positive adult role models
  • Lasting friendships and connections outside of the electronic world
Camp can be a life-changing experience. Being at Cross Roads gives youth an opportunity to be themselves and to nurture gifts they may not have known they had. Because a week at camp is often intense, the relationships formed here can be intense as well. Camp friends are able to see your camper as he or she truly is, and struggle together as matters of faith are discussed. Youth camp provides campers with fun, interactive experiences designed to help nurture and grow their self confidence while learning about God’s creation.

  • Explorers – Grades Completed: 2 – 3
  • Discoverers – Grades Completed: 4 – 5
  • Journeyers – Grades Completed: 6 – 8
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